Хендэ Мотор СНГ открывает дилерский центр в Хабаровске 180609

18 июня 2009

June 18, 2009. Khabarovsk has opened a new dealership "Champion" with an exhibition hall for car sales and service area, equipped with the most modern diagnostic equipment.

New show gives a wide range of services: you can not only buy imported cars Hyundai, buy parts and accessories, install anti-theft system, audio and video, but also to repair any difficulty. In addition, DC "Champion" offers customers a variety of ways to make a purchase.

Opening DC "Champion" - another step "Hyundai Motor CIS" to expand and strengthen the dealer network, which today has more than a hundred official dealerships throughout the country. Denis Petrunin, managing director of "Hyundai Motor CIS", said: "The new dealership in Khabarovsk has a great potential, because it is - the first official dealership in the Far East, we start with a huge development in the region."